Radiology Final Reads

vRad’s experienced, subspecialty-trained radiologists provide final radiology interpretations 24/7/365. This helps to ensure patients receive the same quality level of patient care at 2 AM as they do at 2 PM.

Since 2004, more and more facilities have found significant clinical, operational and financial benefits in using vRad for final interpretations.

Final radiology reports enhance the productivity of your radiologists and extend your reach within the community you serve. Instead of starting each day with preliminary report over-reads from the previous night and running into backlogs of cases, radiologists start each day focused on new patients. By doing today’s work today, vRad clients have gained productivity of as much as a half-time radiologist. This time savings can be spent reading new studies or expanding your practice.

No matter where your patient is located or what your patients’ need, you have immediate, around-the-clock access to high-quality subspecialty radiology expertise. This is vitally important as innovative healthcare organizations strive to enhance patient care with comprehensive subspecialist access and decreased time to diagnosis and treatment—all within in an increasingly stipend-free operating environment.

vRad’s final interpretation solution:

  • Enables your radiologists to start their day fresh
  • Increases your subspecialty offerings
  • Maintains staffing coverage 24/7/365
  • Increases your productivity, efficiency, and bottom line
  • Allows time, through added productivity hours, to extend your reach in the community
  • Includes assistance to ensure client’s compliance with Medicare and Medicaid billing requirements
  • Ensures on-time reimbursement from all carriers
  • Manages your workload and enhances your radiology team’s work/life balance
  • Provides custom reports to your requirements
  • Secures technical integration with your information systems
  • Normalizes your data for national and peer comparisons with vRad’s RPC Indices
vRad helped us move to final reads, which has made the reading process cleaner and more efficient for our department and improved turnaround times for our medical staff. By removing the headaches and redundancy of preliminaries, I also have 'found time' to manage our department and focus on strategic department issues. The outstanding service we receive from vRad allows us to be better partners with the hospital and medical staff, which benefits our patients.
JR Rockhold, Director of Radiology, Greater Regional Medical Center

Customize the layout of your final radiology reports—with vRad Custom Structured Reports

Even when a technologist acquires an ideal image and a radiologist performs a thorough, accurate interpretation, clinician excellence can be totally negated if the results are not clearly and effectively communicated.  vRad’s Custom Structured Reports provide a consistent experience allowing referring physicians to quickly review a report and take action.

Each vRad report is created in real-time using line-by-line dictation and follows a consistent template that includes Exam, Technique, Comparison, Findings and Impression.  Our proprietary workflow focuses on reducing distractions, which allows our radiologists to spend more time reading images and less time on administrative tasks.

Benefits of vRad’s Custom Structured Reports Include:

  • Improved referring physician comprehension
  • Increased billing accuracy and reimbursement rates
  • Reduced errors with line-by-line dictation—our radiologists are not editing an existing template
  • Faster turnaround times and higher quality reports
  • Custom layout and presentation to satisfy referral’s preferences

View: vRad’s Custom Structured Report Sample.

Need billing assistance?

vRad’s experienced team makes billing for final interpretations easy and can help improve your reimbursements. Read more about vRad’s Billing Services.

To learn more about how vRad’s final interpretation solution can help you make better decisions for the health of your patients and practice, contact us.