Radiology Final Reads

Maximize your efficiency and access to comprehensive subspecialty expertise for final interpretations – ensure patients receive the same quality level of patient care at 2 AM as they do at 2 PM.

Since 2004, more and more facilities have found significant clinical, operational and financial benefits in using vRad’s experienced, subspecialty-trained radiologists for final radiology interpretations 24/7/365.

Instead of starting each day with preliminary report over-reads from the previous night and running into backlogs of cases, vRad client radiologists start their day focused on new patients. vRad clients save, on average, 26 working hours per week by doing today’s work today. This time can be spent reading new, higher-value studies or expanding your practice.

The radiologist shortage is expected to continue—creating recruiting and capacity challenges that make it difficult for many practices to manage even daytime volumes. More clients are expanding their partnership with vRad Final Interpretations to manage daytime load and provide the high-quality reads and efficiency of our structured reports, workflow efficiencies and operations center support to facilitate communication. This allows them to enhance patient care, decrease time to diagnosis and treatment as well as maximize reimbursement.

vRad’s final interpretation solution:

  • Enable your radiologists to start their day fresh by avoiding morning overreads
  • Maintain staffing coverage 24/7/365
  • Increase your productivity, efficiency, and bottom line
  • Comply with Medicare claim submission requirements and prevent delays
  • Optimize reimbursement with structured reports and automated dictation review
  • Manage your workload and enhance your radiology team’s work/life balance
  • Customize final interpretation reports to your requirements
  • Integrate our interpretations directly into your system
vRad helped us move to final reads, which has made the reading process cleaner and more efficient for our department and improved turnaround times for our medical staff. By removing the headaches and redundancy of prelims, I have more ‘found time’ to manage our department and focus on strategic department issues.
Customize the layout of your final radiology reports—with vRad Custom Structured Reports

Even when a technologist acquires an ideal image and a radiologist performs a thorough, accurate interpretation, clinician excellence can be totally negated if the results are not clearly and effectively communicated.  vRad’s Custom Structured Reports provide a consistent experience allowing referring physicians to quickly review a report and take action.

Each vRad report is created in real-time using line-by-line dictation and follows a consistent template that includes Exam, Technique, Comparison, Findings and Impression.  Our proprietary workflow focuses on reducing distractions, which allows our radiologists to spend more time reading images and less time on administrative tasks. View: vRad’s Custom Structured Report Sample.

Receive vRad’s Complimentary Clinical and Operational Benefits

  • Artificial Intelligence – We’re helping patients with AI today by accelerating care delivery in critical cases
  • Custom Structured Reports – Select a standard formatting template or establish a facility-wide custom template based on over 20 customizable attributes
  • Order Management System (OMS) – Online resource for managing and monitoring real-time information and communications on your patient orders
  • 24/7/365 U.S.-based Operations Center (OC) & Technical Support – Single point of contact for clients, medical facilities and radiologists to quickly get your team the answers they need
  • Stroke Protocol Study Urgency – Stroke cases designated with our highest prioritization and fastest turnaround time target of under 20 minutes
  • Trauma Protocol Study Urgency – Trauma cases automatically “unbundled” and assigned to multiple radiologists to read concurrently for faster results
  • Critical Findings Protocol – Strict process and robust support deliver rapid communications and reportable documentation
  • Quality Assurance Portal – Easy, online access to submit and manage QA cases
  • Comprehensive Analytics Options – From our Teleradiology Metrics Report with teleradiology performance data, Global Practice Information Report with 24/7 crosspractice metrics, to our Hospital Insight Report for hospitals and health systems, get customized data and insight unavailable in your existing systems – delivered right to your inbox

vRad Highlight: A Full Suite of Radiology Subspecialty Expertise

Many hospitals and clinics simply don’t (and can’t) have specialty radiologists on staff when they need it – where they need it. vRad final read clients can have access to radiologists fellowship-trained in the following subspecialties:

Need billing assistance?

vRad’s experienced team makes billing for final interpretations easy and can help improve your reimbursements. Read more about vRad’s Billing Services. To learn more about how vRad’s final interpretation solution can help you make better decisions for the health of your patients and practice, contact us.

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