vRad’s Client Tools

Partnering with vRad provides you with access to convenient, complimentary client tools designed to streamline your team’s workflow and provide transparency into our performance.

Following is an overview of a few of our complimentary online tools — all of which can be accessed through our password protected client portal:

vRad’s Order Management System (OMS)

vRad’s online Order Management System (OMS)  is a “living dashboard” that provides automated, real-time status updates, image tracking, worklist sorting, clinical document management, online chat capability, and more.  We are committed to continually enhancing our online order management tools to ensure technologists have the answers they need “at a glance,” so they can focus on patient care.

Read more about our Order Management System.

vRad’s Physician Credentialing Portal

vRad’s Physician Credentialing Portal is a complimentary tool that allows the team members you designate to view all Physician Credentialing information relevant to your facility(s). Our Physician Credentialing portal gives you 24/7 access to vRad physicians credentialed at your facility(s) and allows you to:

  • See actively privileged vRad physicians
  • Sort the physician roster by expiration date
  • Export the physician roster to Excel
  • Sort and identify physicians by subspecialty
  • Access physician profiles and save to your desktop
  • Pull individual physician full credentialing files — including education, insurance and work history,
  • Receive email notifications when new documents and Primary Source Verifications (PSVs) are available
  • And more!
What was a manually intensive process is now automated and streamlined for the radiologists on AnMed Health’s medical staff. Access to vRad’s Physician Credentialing Portal has led to significant time and cost savings during the reappointment process. I wish we had such a repository for AnMed Health’s entire medical staff—not just for our vRad radiologists.

vRad’s Quality Assurance Portal

vRad’s industry-leading Quality Assurance Program is the foundation of our practice and exemplifies our commitment to patient care.  We rely on both internal and client-driven data and insight to ensure we’re maintaining the highest industry quality standards.  We encourage our clients to submit any possible discrepancy they identify through our Quality Assurance portal.

  • Review by vRad’s Quality Assurance Committee — For each discrepancy submitted, our experienced Quality Assurance Committee rereads the report and follows up with a complete accounting. Discrepancies are graded on a scale that factors overall severity and the effect on patient care. Clients receive regular reports detailing total reads and discrepancy outcomes.
  • Review by vRad Interpreting Radiologist — Each QA Request is also reviewed by the interpreting radiologist, who must agree or disagree and explain the reason for their initial interpretation.

vRad’s easy online client portal for reporting and tracking suspected discrepancies was designed to maximize participation, driving a stronger overall Quality Assurance (QA) program. Our QA portal allows clients to:

  • Submit and manage QA cases online
  • Check case status in real-time
  • View case details
  • View and download QA reporting, by radiologist, by facility

Learn more about vRad’s industry-leading Quality Assurance Program.

Contact us to learn more about how vRad’s client tools and services can help streamline your radiology practice.