Rad Results

Physicians need fast radiology results so they can provide precise, timely patient care. When they have questions about radiology reports, they want easy access to the reading radiologist.

The Rad Results mobile app increases physician satisfaction, improves perceived turnaround time, and reduces dependence on middleware by connecting radiologists directly with the primary physician…or the entire care team.

Push Notifications

The Rad Results mobile app brings radiology results (and the radiologist!) right to the point of care. Receive notifications when a report is ready or if there’s a critical finding.

View Report

Radiology reports and key images flagged by the radiologist are immediately delivered right to your  Apple® or Android® device.

Talk to Radiologist

Should a member of the patient care team need to speak with the reading radiologist, simply tap to talk and an Operations Center team member will connect the call.

Manage Your Orders

You can easily monitor the status of your radiology orders to see which are assigned to a radiologist, in reading, or complete. Should you need to escalate the order urgency, you can do it right from your phone.

Try it for yourself.

Download the App Today!

The Rad Results mobile app is available now on the Apple app store and on Google Play.

Download it today—complete with demo data and reports—to tour the app for yourself.

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In the News

Rad Results: The mobile app that connects radiologists with the patient care team
April 12, 2021 | Imad B. Nijim / Chief Information Officer at vRad | Medical Imaging Review