Radiology and Healthcare Industry Webinars

Healthcare Cybersecurity in 2019 | Are your bases covered?

John Gomez
Founder and CEO, Sensato Cybersecurity Solutions

Are your systems secure in 2019? Cyber attackers are more savvy than ever. In this on-demand webinar John Gomez, founder and CEO of healthcare security provider Sensato Cybersecurity Solutions, gives an eye-opening description of how today's attackers are deploying advanced technologies such as AI, cognitive learning and deep analytics to exploit your systems. John also delivers practical ways to align your cybersecurity threat preparedness to this new reality.

Imaging Market Update

Stuart Clark
Managing Director and National Spokesperson | Advisory Board

Watch the recording today and listen as Managing Director at Advisory Board, Stuart Clark covers the overview of critical pressures confronting providers, the outlook for inpatient, outpatient and ED volumes, and the impact of reimbursement and regulatory changes.

Adapting Your Stroke Imaging Program for Success in the New DAWN Paradigm

Benjamin W. Strong, MD
Chief Medical Officer, vRad

JP Dym

JP Dym, MD
Director of Stroke Imaging, vRad

Early results from ongoing research – such as the DAWN Trials – are redefining stroke victim diagnosis and care practices. Radiology will play a vital role in this evolving approach and imaging providers who adapt their protocols and workflows will find great opportunity to improve patient care and distinguish themselves in their community.

Watch the on-demand recording to explore the practical impact of this research on imaging providers and key strategies to adapt your program for success.

Reignite your fire! Avoiding Radiologist Burnout

Stacey Funt, MD
Radiologist and Founder of Lifestyle Health LLC

Reignite your fire! Take time to read the images of your life. Watch the on-demand recording today and listen as radiologist and nationally board-certified health and wellness coach, Dr. Stacey Funt shares evidence-based self-care concepts of lifestyle medicine that not only improve physical health, but also support resiliency, self-preservation and joy during medical training, practice and beyond.

Dr. Stacey Funt's Contact Information:
Company: Lifestyle Health LLC

Building a Cancer Care Center of Excellence in the Age of Precision Medicine

Ricardo Cury, MD
FSCCT – President and CEO, RASF

Kevin J. Abrams, MD
Director of MRI and Neuroradiology, RASF

Juan Batlle, MD
Director of Thoracic Imaging, RASF

Prasuna Inampudi, MD
Director of Body Imaging, RASF

Govindarajan Narayanan, MD
Director of Interventional Oncology, RASF

Frederico Souza, MD
Onco-radiologist, RASF

Outstanding cancer care isn’t just for academic centers. Watch this on--demand webinar roundtable with Dr. Ricardo Cury, President and CEO of Radiology Associates of South Florida, who leads a discussion of top experts from the world-renowned Miami Cancer Institute, sharing key insights to building your interdisciplinary cancer care program including:
• Identifying and unlocking the full value imaging brings to the program.
• Building the right team, and who to include.
• Working with patient registry databases.
• Participating in clinical trials.
• Leveraging partnerships to close gaps and accelerate your plan.

Key Strategies to Avoid Malpractice Claims Against Radiologists

Christopher E. DiGiacinto
Partner, Kaufman Borgeest & Ryan LLP

Listen as leading radiology defense attorney, Christopher DiGiacinto, speaks to strategies to help you or your radiologists avoid or mitigate medical malpractice claims. This webinar provides many compelling radiology and teleradiology case examples and discusses guidelines and legal precedent on topics including:
• Who should receive a radiology report
• Communications documentation
• Strategies to avoid risk
• And other common issues arising from claims against radiologists.

Winning in Today's Radiology Environment - Key Strategies to Drive Your Practice's Success

Shannon Werb

Shannon Werb
President & COO, vRad

Walid Adham, MD
President & CEO, Synergy Radiology Associates

Ricardo Cury, MD, FSCCT
President & CEO, Radiology Associates of South Florida

Ethan Foxman, MD, PhD
President & CEO, Jefferson Radiology

Raymond Montecalvo, MD
Sr. Medical Director, vRad

Jason Shipman, MD, MS
President, Radiology Alliance

Join host Shannon Werb as he leads a roundtable discussion by top practice leaders from MEDNAX Radiology, representing some of the largest and most influential groups in the country. The panel will explore key strategies to harness change, and become among the winners in 2018 including:
•Tapping available technologies to solve burning patient care, efficiency, and quality challenges
•Utilizing analytics to optimize efficiencies, demonstrate your value, and more
•Going beyond turnaround time to deliver clinical excellence that sets your group apart
•Leveraging all partner collaboration options in a time of unprecedented consolidation

Achieving Quality in Diagnostic Imaging

Lea Halim
Senior Consultant, Advisory Board

To prove their value in today’s competitive environment, imaging programs and radiology groups must move beyond productivity metrics and differentiate on quality. This requires taking a comprehensive view of quality in diagnostic imaging – from the initial scan to downstream patient care – and innovating ways to define, track, and improve key metrics at every stage.

Join this presentation to understand insights and tactics for:
•Improving technologist performance and scan quality
•Creating clear, actionable reports with a wide range of stakeholder benefits
•Measuring and elevating the impact of imaging on the quality of downstream care

2017 Breast Imaging Update

Miriam Sznycer-Taub
Consultant, Advisory Board

Breast imaging programs have seen many changes in the market, such as conflicting screening guidelines, breast density notification legislation, and adoption of digital breast tomosynthesis. This webconference provides an update on the four key forces impacting breast imaging programs, including changing regulations and market trends.

Radiologist Staffing Strategies in a Tightening Hiring Market

Roger Ramos, MD
President, Blue Radiology Services

Travis Singleton
Senior V.P., Merritt Hawkins

Kent Thomas
Senior V.P. Solutions, vRad

Market conditions are creating new challenges for hiring radiologists:

• Heavy competition—Radiologists are one of top sought after specialties in 2017 according to Merritt Hawkins
• Tight supply—50% of radiologists are 55 and older and attrition is beginning to reduce the candidate pool
• Changing expectations—Rising salaries and subspecialty reading preferences impact staffing strategies

Listen in as these imaging leaders take an engaging and instructive look at the changing radiologist hiring market and provide a variety of solutions for anyone responsible for radiologist staffing.

Retention and Recruiting
Learn key tactics and best practices that you can immediately incorporate into your retention and hiring campaigns

Locum Tenens
Understand the benefits, drawbacks and continued popularity of locum tenens

Virtual FTE
Learn how to leverage virtual, on-demand radiologists to solve scheduling gaps such as subspecialists, vacation coverage, retirement, etc.

Final Teleradiology Reports Deliver a Higher Level of Care. …while saving Time and Money

Benjamin W. Strong, MD (ABR, ABIM)
Chief Medical Officer, vRad

Gerald Wydro, MD
Chair, Dept. of Emergency Medicine, Aria - Jefferson Health

Dennis Wiseman
Chief Executive Officer, Radiology & Imaging of South Texas

Katie Schoenberger
Senior Director of Payer Services, vRad

Our panel of experts share their experiences from reduced reimbursement risk to treating a stroke patient in the ED.
Listen today to learn how finals can dramatically benefit:
• Patients
• Healthcare Facilities
• Radiology Groups

Seven Steps to Radiology Success Under MACRA

Erin Lane
Sr. Analyst, Advisory Board

The first performance period for Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), which will significantly change clinician payment, has already begun. Hear our take on how to approach MACRA and the steps to take to tackle the Merit based Incentive Payment System to maximize performance.

Key takeaways include understanding:
• How radiology could be classified under MACRA—and what categories they are and are not exempt from
• How to tackle each category of MIPS
• Key to success for critical categories, like quality metric selection

45 Minutes to Radiology Data Privacy and Security

John Gomez
CEO, Sensato

Patrick Williamson
Sr. Director of IT & Security Officer, vRad

The headlines may be daunting, but don’t despair! Healthcare leaders CAN successfully combat today’s security threats. Listen in as these healthcare security experts discuss key security elements healthcare providers are responsible for, specific actions imaging providers can take to bolster their security posture, top considerations when working with managed service partners such as teleradiology and much more.

Imaging Clinical Decision Support: The Medicare Mandate and Nine Steps to Success

Erin Lane
Sr. Analyst, Advisory Board

On January 1, 2018 Medicare’s Appropriate Use Criteria Program began. This means that ordering providers will consult appropriate use criteria (AUC) via electronic CDS when ordering outpatient advanced imaging exams. Radiologists and imaging programs must document that use on claims for Medicare reimbursement. Hear all the regulatory details during this recorded webinar. Erin also walks through step-by-step guidance to successful CDS implementation, and learn how to make sure your program improves financial health, patient access, and appropriate imaging use.

How to Become a High Performance Radiology Practice

Raymond Montecalvo, MD
Medical Director, vRad

David Landry
CEO, Spectrum Medical Group

Jason Shipman, MD
President, Radiology Alliance

Listen in as these practice leaders discuss the current radiology market, where it’s headed, and specific ways your imaging organization can embrace change and adapt to become a High Performance Radiology Practice.

How to Drive Billing & ICD-10 Compliance with Structured Final Reports

Benjamin W. Strong, MD
Chief Medical Officer, vRad

Join vRad Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Benjamin W. Strong, to explore how to supercharge your billing and ICD-10 compliance via accurate data inputs, improved processes and structured final reports. Perfect for imaging leaders, Dr. Strong will highlight key tips and off-the-shelf solutions you can readily apply to your radiology practice – in addition to sharing vRad best practices and lessons-learned.

5 Things CEOs Need to Know About Imaging

Lea Halim
Senior Consultant, Advisory Board

Watch this informational webinar on how vRad's Breast Imaging Live Video Diagnostics delivers same day diagnostic results for your patients. vRad’s live video and image-sharing consultations significantly enhance communications by bringing the vRad radiologist “face to face” with your technologists and patients – right in your practice or facility.

vRad Analytics

Kent Thomas
V.P. of Business Development, vRad

Watch this informational webinar on how to utilize vRad's complimentary Analytics Reports, delivered right to your inbox, to help measure and improve quality, value and performance.

ED Imaging Volume is Up: Understand the Trend and How Teams are Coping

Sruti Nataraja, MPH
The Advisory Board Company

For imaging leadership and radiologists, we’ve seen sizable increases in ED imaging volumes coupled with pressure for quicker turnaround times. Given these challenges, this web conference will unpack the drivers that have led to increases in overall ED volumes and ED imaging volumes, and will highlight radiology-driven opportunities to decompress the ED.

Imaging Clinical Decision Support Part 2: Next Steps to Thoughtful and Effective Implementation

David L. Katz, MD, JD
The Advisory Board Company

CMS requires clinical decision support (CDS) for imaging—but programs are in the early stages of implementation. The Imaging Performance Partnership created a suite of tools imaging leaders can use to secure stakeholder buy-in and roll out CDS efficiently. Get step-by-step guidance to successful CDS implementation, and learn how to make sure your program improves financial health, patient access, and appropriate imaging use.

Imaging Clinical Decision Support Part 1: Understanding the Mandate and Deadlines

David L. Katz, MD, JD
The Advisory Board Company

Congress mandated the use of clinical decision support (CDS) for outpatient imaging orders or face reimbursement sanctions from CMS—do you know all the details? CMS delayed certain components of the mandate, but finalized moving forward with others. This web conference will provide an in depth discussion about the mandate components, newly established deadlines, and what we are still waiting to hear about the Medicare CDS mandate.

Imaging Market Update Key Forces Shaping Imaging Economics

David L. Katz, MD, JD
The Advisory Board Company

Imaging profitability hangs in the balance. Providers must have the latest benchmarks on growth performance and an understanding of the impact of reimbursement cuts and regulatory changes to inform their strategic and operational decisions. This presentation explores key regulatory updates and market pressures impacting imaging. Specific topics include: Key pressures confronting providers Outlook for inpatient, outpatient, and ED volumes Impact of reimbursement and regulatory change.

Developing a Breast Cancer Center of Excellence

Arlene Sussman, MD
Medical Director, vRad

Deirdre Saulet
The Advisory Board Company

Breast cancer tends to be the highest volume tumor site, and breast cancer patients are often the most engaged—and vocal—consumers of cancer care. Consequently, cancer program leaders need to understand how to attract and retain this population. In this excerpt from The Advisory Board's 2015 national meeting presentation Tumor Site Centers of Excellence, we will share the biggest innovations in breast cancer program development.

Transformative Innovations in Teleradiology – Big Benefits for You and Your Patients

Benjamin W. Strong, MD

Benjamin W. Strong, MD
Chief Medical Officer, vRad

This fast-paced webinar explores recent vRad advancements that are delivering big benefits for all of radiology including: up to 40% faster radiology reports, uniformly formatted and comprehensive radiology reports, proprietary data normalization allowing powerful radiology performance reporting, improved client reimbursement, and much more.

Become Indispensable to Your Imaging Partners–A Practical and Tactical Guide

Shannon Werb

Shannon Werb
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Information Officer , vRad

This webinar, featuring 4 case studies, takes a deeper look at specific ways radiology groups and hospitals can partner to deliver higher quality, become more efficient, and provide greater value – all of which are requirements of the transformation occurring in healthcare today.

Radiology's Window of Opportunity

Curtis Kauffman-Pickelle
President/CEO, ImagingBiz

Gain critical insight from radiology thought leader and ImagingBiz President/CEO, Curtis Kauffman-Pickelle as he describes radiology’s defining moment to develop the partnerships needed to reap the enormous rewards available to visionaries who survive healthcare’s fundamental transformation.

Building a World-Class Breast Imaging Service Line

Arlene Sussman, MD
Medical Director, vRad

Dr. Arlene Sussman explores key components of a world-class woman’s imaging service line and provides insight on how you can enhance or implement your very own breast imaging program.

Manage Up, Cascade Down – Communicate Imaging’s Value to the C-suite and Frontline Staff

Sruti Nataraja, MPH
The Advisory Board Company

Imaging is a valuable component of many patients’ care pathways and it can contribute to larger institutional goals beyond profitability. However, many C-suite executives have not readjusted their expectations of imaging departments to account for recent changes in healthcare. It’s up to imaging leaders to reestablish and communicate that NEW value upward to C-suite management and set the course for the department by cascading institution goals from senior leadership to frontline staff. You'll learn how to: Identify institution and stakeholder priorities, communicate imaging’s contribution to institution objectives, develop a dynamic process for cascading goals, and incorporating department feedback.