Incorporating AI Into Your Practice

Best Practices to Maximize Benefits and Avoid Pitfalls

In the 8+ years vRad has been developing and using our own AI models, we’ve learned valuable lessons along the way. In this webinar, vRad Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Benjamin W. Strong and Chief Information Officer, Imad Nijim, lead an informative discussion on: 

  • How to identify which models to acquire
  • Prioritizing efforts to maximize the impact for your practice
  • How to operationalize AI
  • Why post-launch monitoring is critical

Recorded April 20, 2023


Expanding Access to Subspecialist Breast Imaging

In this webinar, Dr. Arlene Sussman, vRad Medical Director and Head of Breast Imaging, leads a roundtable discussion on the use of telemammography to augment local radiology resources. During the discussion, our panel of experts covers:

  • The process of telemammography.
  • The experience for technologists and patients – how radiologists seem to be right down the hall.
  • The onboarding process and long-term support that handles every aspect for our clients.

Recorded November 22, 2021

Key Strategies to Avoid Malpractice Claims Against Radiologists

Listen as radiology defense attorney, Christopher DiGiacinto, speaks to strategies to help you or your radiologists avoid or mitigate medical malpractice claims. This webinar provides many compelling radiology and teleradiology case examples and discusses guidelines and legal precedent on topics including:

  • Who should receive a radiology report
  • Communications documentation
  • Strategies to avoid risk
  • And other common issues arising from claims against radiologists

Recorded April 24, 2018


The following presentations are available to vRad clients.