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What that means for our 500+ radiologists who choose a radiologist job with vRad is they can get back to doing what they love – being radiologists.


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Discover practice stability

You can have confidence knowing vRad is not dependent on any one facility. As the leading teleradiology practice, vRad provides services to 2,100+ facilities and radiology groups across the U.S. so we’re able to withstand market volatility that impact smaller practices.

Interested in what a radiologist job at vRad looks like? View a recording our latest Virtual Open House to hear the inside scoop of vRad from CMO Dr. Benjamin W. Strong and vRad radiologists, Christopher Garcia,MD, Steven Cohen, MD, MBA, and Katie Lozano, MD



Read on the most advanced platform with the power of AI at your back

You’ll spend virtually 100% of your shifts focused on interpreting images, free of distractions and technical burdens thanks to our AI-powered reading platform. Plus, by automating the non-clinical aspects of generating a report, our radiologists can keep their eyes on what matters most — the images.

With vRad’s proprietary study assignment system, you’ll get a steady stream of diverse, primarily advanced imaging cases that are prioritized for optimal patient care and assigned equitably to radiologists with no opportunity for others to cherry-pick higher value, easier cases.

Watch vRad CMO Benjamin Strong demo the vRad platform>>



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Radiologist_Jobs_teleradiologist_jobs_radiologist positions

Take control of your earnings and achieve your personal goals with a variety of work options

At vRad you earn what you read – and with the combined support of our 24/7/365 Operations Center and proprietary reading platform you can read more per shift. Our top earners average $500,000 annually, with several bringing home more than $800,000.

Work at your own pace and find plenty of opportunities to add or extend shifts for extra income. At vRad, you can leave behind unrealistic reading requirements and unattainable bonuses and take control of your earnings.

Practice as an independent contractor or employee with benefits. Choose between a day or night schedule and the number of hours you’ll contract per year.

Bottom line: You can leverage vRad’s many work options to achieve your income, career, and lifestyle goals.

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Work from almost anywhere in the U.S.

Don’t let partner tracks, administrative duties, or hospital obligations keep you from living your dream.  From a cabin in the mountains of Colorado, a condo overlooking Central Park, or a bungalow on the beaches of Hawaii; as long as you have access to high-speed internet you can live ANYWHERE in the U.S.



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