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vRad (Virtual Radiologic) is the nation’s leading teleradiology practice with 500+ U.S. board-certified or eligible physicians, the majority of whom are subspecialty trained. Our practice delivers high-quality diagnostic imaging services to more than 2,100 facilities and radiology groups across the United States. vRad has 23 issued patents for telemedicine and radiology technologies; and is a leading innovator in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, imaging data analytics, and software to improve the quality of patient care, value for our clients, and the experience of our physicians.


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vRad Snapshot
  • Founded 2001
  • 500+ U.S. board certified and eligible radiologists, the majority subspecialty trained
  • 2,100+ facilities and radiology groups served across the U.S.
  • 7.2 million+ studies interpreted, 2.8 billion+ images processed annually on our platform
  • 10,000+ cases evaluated by AI daily to identify critical pathologies for escalation
  • U.S.-based 24/7 operations and technical support center
  • 20 patents for workflows, data normalization, and computer assisted diagnostics
  • Patented workflows deliver average TATs for stroke under 7 min., trauma under 12 min.
  • QA program emphasizing performance improvement since 2004 delivers 99.7% accuracy

vRad’s practice was founded, built and is led by physicians.

Our 500+ U.S. board certified and eligible radiologists, the majority of whom are subspecialty trained, average 9 years post-certification experience. vRad’s physician team is led by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Benjamin W. Strong, certified in both radiology and internal medicine—with fellowship training in musculoskeletal MRI.  Dr. Strong leads a world-class team of medical directors, as well as clinical chiefs; he was selected by his peers as the “Top Radiologist to Watch” in Diagnostic Imaging.

vRad is a partner focused on quality.

We are a trusted source for radiology interpretations because we deliver on our quality commitments—and share insights gleaned from operating with the same sets of challenges and opportunities as those we serve.  vRad is proud of the high accuracy rate we have maintained despite increases in volume of studies read. The consistency of our accuracy has remained noteworthy at 99.7 percent.  Read more about vRad’s Diagnostic Quality.

vRad is an innovator in telemedicine and analytics.

The scale of our radiology practice means that we can — and have invested over $55 million to improve physician productivity and speed — and quality of diagnoses. We have 23 issued patents highlighting innovation in telemedicine workflow; additional patents pending on data normalization, efficiency in workflow coordination, and deep learning applications within telemedicine.

vRad is also at the forefront of advancements in imaging data analytics. Our practice has created the industry’s largest centralized database from its non-replicable library of over tens of millions of radiology studies. vRad Analytics is designed to provide evidence-based insights to key decision makers at healthcare systems, hospitals and onsite radiology groups regarding optimal staffing, imaging utilization and clinical outcomes—all to more efficiently manage their radiology service lines and practices. Read more about vRad Analytics.

Tuesday night we had a school bus accident and small plane crash involving 24 patients in all. We could never have gotten through this crisis without your team of radiologists and every single person at vRad who contribute to your outstanding service.
Janis Clayton, Department of Radiology, University of Louisville

vRad is proud to be part of Radiology Partners

On December 15, 2020 vRad became an affiliate of Radiology Partners. For more information regarding the acquisition read the press release:  Radiology Partners Completes Acquisition of MEDNAX Radiology Solutions.