vRad’s 24/7 Operations Center & Technology Support Teams

vRad’s U.S.-based Operations Center (OC) is staffed 24/7/365, relieving your facility’s technologists and physicians of many administrative and logistical distractions so they can focus on their most important priority: patient care.

vRad’s award-winning Operations Center (OC) personnel monitor every incoming order from across the country — from the moment we receive the order, until our automated system forwards the report to the ordering physician or client facility. Each step is recorded, time stamped, and supervised and our patented, rules-based, auto-routing feature ensures the right study gets to the right radiologist — in the shortest amount of time.

To find out more about vRad’s OC, watch the video below:

vRad’s OC team helps to ensure you’ll never have to track anyone down. Our OC staff and automated communication tools provide clients with quick access to vRad’s reading radiologists and will connect our radiologists with your physicians, nurses and technologists to discuss an order or report — especially anytime an imaging report involves critical findings. Details of all exchanges are documented to ensure patient safety and compliance with government and medical guidelines. vRad Operations Center specialists also assist clients in reaching our IT specialists to troubleshoot matters such as forgotten passwords and protocol issues.

Plus, we arm your team with an a living “dashboard”— our Order Management System (OMS) that provides automated real time status updates, image tracking, worklist sorting and filtering capability, document management, order-specific chat capability, and more. We are continually enhancing our client support tools so your facilities have “at a glance” answers. Our OC staff is an extension of your healthcare delivery team 24/7/365.

At a Glance: vRad’s Operations Center

  • Award-winning Operations Center based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota
  • Staffed 24/7/365 for client and technical support
  • Direct communication with radiologists whenever you need it
  • Single point of contact for clients, medical facilities and radiologists
  • Resources and tools to quickly get your team the answers they need
  • Dedicated customer service for order management, troubleshooting and communications
  • Constant monitoring of every order with real time status updates via our Order Management System (OMS)
  • Direct contact for critical findings facilitated and documented — including a dedicated Physician’s Hotline to call when responding to our notifications

Contact us to find out more about how vRad’s Operations Center can support your team in delivering optimal patient care 24/7/365.