vRad's Breast Imaging & Telemammography Services
Now with Live Video Diagnostics!

Deliver a compassionate patient experience. Reduce patient appointment time. Reduce call-backs.

Many hospitals and clinics can’t staff subspecialty radiologists for every possible need. With vRad Breast Imaging, 100% of cases are read by fellowship-trained breast imaging specialists who have extensive training and experience in a full suite of breast imaging services including:

  • Digital screening mammography (2D and 3D tomosynthesis)
  • Diagnostic mammography
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Breast MRI
  • Contrast-Enhanced Mammography

vRad’s Breast Imaging team is led by vRad Medical Director Arlene Sussman, MD.


Deliver Same-Day Diagnostic Results for Your Patients

On designated workdays, your vRad radiologists are available at their workstations, consulting in real-time directly with your technologists via phone, email and Live Video Diagnostics.

Live Video Diagnostics: vRad’s radiologists are right by your side – vRad’s live video and image-sharing consultations significantly enhance communications by bringing the vRad radiologist “face to face” with your technologists and patients – right in your practice or facility. vRad’s fellowship-trained, board certified breast imaging teleradiologists are available at video-enhanced workstations powered by Cisco® technology to consult directly with mammography technologists.

For your technologists – Mammography techs can discuss cases, review and annotate images in real-time, and plan detailed next steps – all “face to face” with the radiologist as if they were in the same room.

For your patients – The vRad radiologist can provide a truly exceptional, personalized and compassionate experience by speaking directly with the patient about their diagnostic results via video conference and showing the findings on the images in real-time.

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 “By bringing vRad radiologists in ‘face to face’ contact with our technologists, they can discuss specific images, plan detailed next steps and provide instant feedback on image quality or need for additional images while patients wait. We’re already seeing a reduced need to call patients back for additional imaging. ”  

Becky Wiscombe, Supervisor of Women’s Imaging, Medical Center Hospital, Odessa, Texas

Learn how MCH improves patient care and peace of mind while decreasing appointment times.

vRad’s Live Video Diagnostics Case Study.

Become a Breast Imaging Leader in Your Community

Leverage vRad’s clinical and program expertise to grow your practice, meet staffing needs and deliver a truly exceptional level of care to the women of your community.

  • 100% of cases read by fellowship-trained breast imaging specialists, certified for 2D and 3D tomosynthesis
  • On-demand subspecialty expertise – when you need it
  • Same-day diagnostic results for your patients and real-time video diagnostics
  • Mammography results returned within 48 hours on average
  • BI-RADS Tracking – vRad covers all of the clinical and regulatory complexities required of a breast imaging program, including BI-RADS tracking as a crosscheck for our clients
  • Lead Interpreting Physician (LIP) Service – vRad can also provide LIP services to ensure your quality assurance program meets all requirements
All mammography cases at our hospital are read by vRad's fellowship-trained breast imaging specialists. Because we have access to these highly-trained subspecialists, we're providing a level of quality normally found in breast centers in the metropolitan areas, not rural California.
Charles H. Harrison, CEO, San Bernardino Mountains Community Hospital District


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