vRad’s Radiologist Credentialing, Licensing & Privileging Service

vRad Physician credentialing & privileging—provides you with the benefits of a Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) without the cost.

Each vRad radiologist assigned to provide radiological interpretations will be properly licensed to practice medicine for your facility(s).  Additionally, vRad will work with client facility(s) to obtain appropriate facility privileges as needed.

We’re accredited by The Joint Commission.

The Credentials Verification (CV) process can be time-consuming and costly.  vRad’s Credentialing, Licensing and Privileging (CLP) teams can assist you with your CV needs and give you the benefits of a Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) without the cost.  Accredited by the Joint Commission, vRad’s CLP department consists of 50+ dedicated professionals (including CPCS certified staff) maintaining more than 7,300 state licenses and over 75,000 privileges.

  • Each vRad radiologist has a CLP support person who makes sure all required credentialing, licensing and privileging processes are maintained to The Joint Commission standards. You can be confident that our files are up to date and accurate.
  • Primary Source Verifications completed during vRad credentialing process include:
    • Education, Medical Malpractice Coverage, State Licensure, entire Work History, Board Certification, References and Hospital Affiliations
    • NPDB, FSMB, FACIS, OIG, GSA and Background Checks

Credentialing and Privileging Agreement—utilized by more than half of our client facilities.

Created with The Joint Commission, our Credentialing and Privileging Agreement is designed to significantly reduce the time it takes to credential and privilege radiologists. The Agreement enables your hospital to completely rely on the credentialing and privileging decisions made by vRad, a Joint Commission accredited facility.

  • vRad has maintained The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of approval since 2004. As such, vRad’s verification processes go above and beyond standard expectations of technical competency review.  All radiologists are fully credentialed by vRad and are subject to an internal board review and approval at initial appointment and reappointment.  Each physician is subject to vRad’s ongoing Quality Assurance checks and bi-annual re-appointment reviews. The Credentialing and Privileging Agreement assures each radiologist is highly skilled, qualified and has been pre-screened to serve the needs of your facility.
  • Hospitals can use our primary-source credentials for verification work to meet their verification standards — saving time and money. We meticulously maintain approximately 500 files to The Joint Commission standards. And we freely share these with our customers and their affiliated sites.
Our Medical Affairs department must maintain current licensure, credentialing and privileging information for more than 30 vRad radiologists who read imaging studies for our patients. Thanks to vRad’s Physician Credentialing Portal, we now have complete online access to the repository of information needed to privilege and credential vRad radiologists for AnMed Health and its affiliates. This online access has reduced the time required to complete such processes by 50% and improved workflow efficiency significantly.

Benefits of vRad’s Credentialing and Privileging Agreement include:

  • Greatly diminishes the burden on your Medical Staff Office by eliminating the need to independently credential physicians
  • Eliminates the need to present physicians to Credentialing Committee and Board for initial appointment and reappointment
  • Allows for easier addition of physicians, improving turnaround times and subspecialty coverage
  • Access to vRad’s Physician Credentialing Portal — a complimentary tool that provides 24/7 access to the team members you designate to view all Physician Credentialing information relevant to your facility(s).

Get in touch with us to find out more about how vRad’s Credentialing and Licensing services can relieve administrative burden from your Medical Staff Office team members.