Cross-Sectional Nodal Atlas

Cross-Sectional Nodal Atlas

Rafael Martinez-Monge, MD ; Patrick S. Fernandes, MD ; Nilendu Gupta, PhD ; Reinhard Gahbauer, MD

1 From the Division of Radiation Oncology, the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital, Ohio State University, 300 W Tenth Ave, Columbus, OH 43210. Received July 15, 1998; revision requested August 27; revision received October 16; accepted November 23, 1999.

Virtual three-dimensional clinical target volume definition requires the identification of areas suspected of containing microscopic disease (frequently related to nodal stations) on a set of computed tomographic (CT) images, rather than the traditional approach based on anatomic landmarks. This atlas displays the clinically relevant nodal stations and their correlation with normal lymphatic pathways on a set of CT images.

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