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vRad’s Analytics & Benchmarking

See Inside Your Data. vRad Analytics provide a custom view into vRad’s clinical database of tens of millions of imaging studies. It’s “command central,” giving you the transparency and insight you need to make informed decisions about optimizing staffing, imaging utilization and clinical quality.

How do your radiology management metrics compare with hospitals or radiology groups just like yours?  Find out, with vRad Analytics.

Radiology analytics are no longer an option; they’re a requirement.  In our new healthcare world, you won’t get paid for quality if you can’t prove it. And you can’t prove it if you don’t measure it.

vRad Analytics is relevant for both hospitals trying to better manage costs and improve operating efficiencies, as well as radiology groups trying to demonstrate value in an increasingly challenging  and evolving healthcare reimbursement environment. vRad Analytics makes vRad a strategic partner to new and existing clients who rely on our insight to efficiently manage their radiology service lines and practices.

No other healthcare system, radiology group or teleradiology provider has access to more aggregated and normalized radiology benchmarking data than vRad.

Using analytics to better measure, benchmark and prove overall healthcare value is a complex undertaking. You must know what to measure, how to measure it, and what benchmark goals to choose. For example, when tackling issues like imaging appropriateness, you can’t compare your data to a critical access hospital with 25 beds in Vermont if you are a Level 1 trauma center in Los Angeles. Radiology analytics demand context if you are going to make better decisions for better alignment with hospital partners around quality, service levels and performance.

vRad Analytics include:

  • Powerful, user-friendly analytical tools: from vRad Teleradiology Metrics Reports with teleradiology performance data, GPI Reports with cross-practice metrics, including facility and modality-specific benchmarks, to Hospital Insight Reports delivered to your inbox that provide information and analytics unavailable in your existing systems.  vRad Analytics has the right solution for radiology practices, hospitals and health systems.  Make better decisions for the health of your patients and practice.
  • vCoder patent-pending data normalization: benchmarking requires speaking the same language. Trying to normalize data between hospitals or even within the same group is a challenge. vRad Analytics introduces our patent pending vCoder, the industry’s first data normalization tool used on inputs for any hospital or radiology group. That means our clients have a single and consistent retrospective view across their facilities.
  • National and peer group benchmarking RPC (Radiology Patient Care) Indices: compare your data with the first findings-based national and peer group benchmarking metrics. Our indices are at the aggregate level, adhering to industry confidentiality requirements – while providing critical comparisons and the relevant context for your decision making.
  • Expert collaboration, consulting and transformation: Our Advisory Solutions radiology experts provide actionable insight from your data with recommendations tailored to your organization to optimize your practice and your radiology service line.

Contact us to find out more about how vRad Analytics can help provide actionable insight into your data allowing you to optimize your practice and your radiology service line.

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