Christine Lamoureux, MD

FellowshipUniversity of California San Diego Medical Center
ResidencyUniversity of Colorado, Health Sciences Center
InternshipUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine
Medical SchoolUniversity of Vermont
UndergraduateUniversity of Vermont
Board CertificationsAmerican Board of Radiology
SubspecialtyMusculoskeletal Radiology

Meet Dr. Lamoureux

Dr. Lamoureux chose radiology as her profession to expand the depth of her knowledge of anatomy and pathology — major interests of her — across all age groups. United with her visual acuity and her resolve to better patient care, radiology was a perfect fit. She completed her residency at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Diagnostic Imaging and fell in love with the scenic Colorado outdoors; She’s sure to bring her husband, Ken, and daughters, Kay and Mina, with her — most of the time.

Dr. Lamoureux’s desire to help those in needs extends beyond her career in radiology to her personal aspirations; she’s proud those same values are reflect in her Colorado community. She explains, “I am impressed how people in my community come together in times of crisis, such as during our severe flood disaster a couple of years ago.”

When asked to give advice to aspiring radiologists, Dr. Lamoureux advises that “Radiology is a field in which you never stop learning. Even the most common pathologies will present themselves in uncommon ways. You always need to be on your toes; there is almost never a dull moment.”

Finally, Christine notes that she “wants to be remembered for her optimism.” But she says that, according to her daughters, “I should be remembered for my dark sense of humor and my work ethic.” They are both right. As Dr. Lamoureux said, “there’s never a dull moment in radiology.” And she meets that challenge every day through hard work and positivity.


Medical Directors

Scott Baginski, MD

Medical Director

Arlene Sussman, MD

Medical Director, Mammography


Clinical Chiefs

Christine Lamoureux, MD

Clinical Chief, Musculoskeletal Radiology

Joshua Morais, MD

Clinical Chief, Neuroradiology

Jeffery Behar, MD

Clinical Chief, Body Imaging

Christopher Garcia, MD

Clinical Chief, Body Imaging

Donald Bitto, MD

Clinical Chief, Nuclear Medicine