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vRad’s Trauma Protocol

vRad’s Trauma Protocol cases are automatically “unbundled” by body region and distributed to multiple radiologists to be read concurrently – allowing referring physicians to take fast action required for quality patient care.

Assigning an urgency of Trauma Protocol escalates the case to the top of our radiologists’ worklists and assigns a turnaround target 20 minutes (same as stroke). vRad’s average Trauma Study turnaround time is under 12 minutes.

Trauma Protocol cases are automatically “unbundled” by body region and distributed to multiple radiologists to be read concurrently.  Our patented system automatically generates a call to your facility for critical findings. Call priority is placed on providing results for Head/Cervical Spine studies.

How it works:

Trauma Case Identified.

The case urgency is easily marked as “Trauma” in vRad’s online Order Management System or through automatic association within the HL7 order. No need to contact vRad to “escalate” the order.

Trauma Studies Unbundled. 

vRad’s patent-pending technology automatically “unbundles” trauma cases, assigning each body region to the appropriate radiologist to be read concurrently:

  • Neuro: head, face, orbits, cervical spine, and neck – anything above the clavicle
  • Body: chest, abdomen and pelvis as well as thoracic and lumbar spine
  • Lower & Upper Extremities

Trauma Case Automatically Escalated and Prioritized.

vRad’s patented workflows automatically process trauma cases with our fastest turnaround target of under 20 minutes.

  • Cases are assigned immediately, and automatically to all credentialed radiologists online at the time of the study.
  • Orders are escalated to the very top of the radiologists’ worklists with a requirement to be read next
  • The system notifies radiologists which colleagues are reading the other body regions for the same patient, enabling real-time collaboration at the point of care.

Radiology Reports for Each Body Region Sent Immediately.

The radiology reports for each body region are sent to the facility as soon as they are completed, allowing treatment to begin as quickly as possible.

Critical Finding Calls Auto-Dialed.

If a critical finding is dictated, and you have registered your contact numbers with vRad, a call to the referring physician is automatically triggered – reducing critical finding relay times to under 2 minutes. Call priority is placed on Head/Cervical Spine studies.

  • Critical finding calls are made to any number you designate. Want calls to go right to the ED physician’s cell phone? No problem. A unique phone number can be designated on each order and calls can be configured to include both positive and negative findings.
  • A critical findings summary is included in monthly Teleradiology Metrics Reporting – and other standard/custom vRad reports.

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