vRad Provides COVID-19 Radiology Resources for Radiologists and Imaging Providers

A public service collaboration between vRad and RAD-AID International to provide educational resources on COVID-19.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., April 21, 2020  vRad (Virtual Radiologic), along with RAD-AID International has created a series of COVID-19 resources for radiologists and imaging providers. On March 11, 2020 Dr. Strong and Dr. Batlle presented important COVID-19 information for the practicing radiologist including a review of two COVID- 19 cases diagnosed with chest CT in the US, 4 stages of imaging findings, global perspective on COVID-19 CT diagnostic findings, and COVID-19 reporting best practices. Two weeks later, Dr. Strong produced a follow-up webinar where he presented present the spectrum of imaging findings for this disease including a review of six positive cases diagnosed with Chest CT in the US and another six examples of pathology that can be confused with COVID-19.

About Dr. Strong

Benjamin Strong, MD is the Chief Medical Officer and Education Committee Chair at vRad. Dr. Strong is at the forefront of efforts to expand access to quality, affordable care through telemedicine. As CMO for the nation’s largest radiology practice, he collaborates with radiologist and hospital partners, uncovering opportunities to enhance the practice environment. Dr. Strong first completed residency in internal and emergency medicine, and later was drawn to the fast-paced flow of diagnostic puzzles that is the practice of radiology.

About Dr. Batlle

Juan Carlos Batlle, MD, MBA came to his role as a diagnostic radiologist at Radiology Associates of South Florida from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), where he served as a resident physician in the radiology department and a clinical fellow at Harvard Medical School. During his time at the hospital, he spent a year focusing on cardiothoracic imaging, including hands-on supervision of cardiac CT and MRI acquisition and post-processing. He also completed a musculoskeletal fellowship at MGH, specializing in sports medicine, soft tissue and bone tumors, and general musculoskeletal radiology, including musculoskeletal interventional procedures.

About vRad

vRad (Virtual Radiologic) is the nation’s leading cloud-based radiology solutions and telemedicine company with approximately 500 U.S. board-certified and subspecialty trained physicians. Its clinical expertise and evidence-based insight help clients make better decisions about the treatment and health of their patients, as well as their imaging services. vRad interprets and processes patient imaging studies on the world’s largest and most advanced cloud-based radiology PACS, the vRad Imaging Platform, for more than 2,000 facilities and radiology groups across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. The practice has 19 issued patents for innovation in telemedicine workflow and is a recognized leader in imaging analytics and deep learning-assisted diagnostics. For more information, visit

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