(Mis)Representations of Radiologists in the Media

It’s no secret that technology and the sciences are often misrepresented by Hollywood, TV and the media. Whether it’s the hacker-type furiously typing away at his keyboard (as if coding didn’t take meticulous accuracy); an otherwise undamaged vehicle exploding violently in a crash; the CSI expert enhancing an image to find details that weren’t there before; or funniest to us, a radiologist reading with the lights on.

Our very own CMO, Benjamin W. Strong, MD, finds these oddities particularly hilarious and put together a “reel of shame” from television and movies. Check it out:


And (stock) images are just as bad — or worse! Check out the top 100 images of “radiologists” on Google through the eyes of a child:

Images do such a poor job of accurately representing the radiology profession, we even wrote a white paper on it:

vRad White Paper: Radiologists Read with the Lights On