Gallery of Medical Devices Part 2: Devices of the Head, Neck, Spine, Chest, and Abdomen


This gallery of medical devices illustrates a multitude of common devices in the head, neck, spine, chest, and abdomen that are found in daily radiologic practice (orthopedic devices for the extremities and pelvis were illustrated in Part 1 [1]). All these medical devices have been more thoroughly discussed in the previous articles in this medical devices series and in other detailed references (1–6). The present article is a comprehensive overview of these devices and provides a quick reference for identifying an unfamiliar device (2). It is intended to allow the reader to identify a device generically and to understand its purpose. It is important to recognize the presence of a device, understand its purpose and proper function, and recognize the complications associated with its use. Knowing the specific or proper brand name of every device is not important and frequently not possible. New devices are constantly being introduced, although most of them are variations of a previous device. Sometimes, so many devices are used in a patient’s treatment that they obscure important anatomy and pathologic conditions (Fig 1).

Mihra S. Taljanovic, MD, Tim B. Hunter, MD, Michael J. O’Brien, MD and Stephanie A. Schwartz, MD.