CT Evaluation of Mesenteric Panniculitis

CT Evaluation of Mesenteric Panniculitis

CT Evaluation of Mesenteric Panniculitis


M. Daskalogiannaki ; A. Voloudaki ; P. Prassopoulos ; E. Magkanas ; K. Stefanaki ; E. Apostolaki ; N. Gourtsoyiannis

OBJECTIVE: This study was undertaken to assess the prevalence of mesenteric panniculitis on CT and to describe its appearance and associated diseases.

SUBJECTS AND METHODS: A total of 7620 consecutive abdominal CT examinations were prospectively evaluated for features common to mesenteric panniculitis such as a well-delineated inhomogeneous hyperattenuated fatty mass at the mesenteric root, envelopment of mesenteric vessels, and no evidence of invasion of the adjacent small-bowel loops that may be displaced.

RESULTS: CT findings of mesenteric panniculitis were seen in 49 patients (0.6%). We found a female predominance. Mesenteric panniculitis coexisted with malignancy in 34 patients and with benign disorders in 11 patients. In the remaining four patients, mesenteric panniculitis, verified on histology, was considered to be responsible for the patients’ clinical manifestations; no other abnormality was identified. Soft-tissue nodules (n = 39) and a fatty halo surrounding vessels and nodules (n = 42) were observed in most patients. Follow-up abdominal CT examinations in 29 of the 49 patients showed changes in only one patient.

CONCLUSION: CT findings of mesenteric panniculitis may be seen in patients undergoing abdominal CT for various symptoms.

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