Differential Diagnosis of Restricted Diffusion Confined to the Cerebral Cortex

Review of diffuse cortical injury on diffusion-weighted imaging in acutely encephalopathic patients with an acronym: “CRUMPLED” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6231053/ Yasemin Koksel, John Benson, Haitao Huang, Mehmet Gencturk, and Alexander M. McKinney Acute encephalopathic syndromes can present a diagnostic challenge due to the wide range of possible etiologies, which also can have vastly different outcomes. The presence of […]

Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging of the Brain

  Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging of the Brain http://radiology.rsna.org/content/217/2/331.full Pamela W. Schaefer, MD; P. Ellen Grant, MD; R. Gilberto Gonzalez, MD, PhD Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance (MR) imaging provides image contrast that is different from that provided by conventional MR techniques. It is particularly sensitive for detection of acute ischemic stroke and differentiation of acute stroke from […]

The Sacrum: Pathologic Spectrum, Multimodality Imaging, and Subspecialty Approach1

  The Sacrum: Pathologic Spectrum, Multimodality Imaging, and Subspecialty Approach1 http://radiographics.rsna.org/content/21/1/83.full Jack Diel, MD, Orlando Ortiz, MD, Richard A. Losada, MD, Donald B. Price, MD, Michael W. Hayt, MD and Douglas S. Katz, MD The sacrum is a structure that is imaged by both general and subspecialty radiologists. A wide variety of disease processes can […]

Imaging Tutorial: Differential Diagnosis of Bright Lesions on Diffusion

http://radiographics.rsna.org/content/23/1/e7.full Tadeusz W. Stadnik, MD, PhD; Philippe Demaerel, MD, PhD; Robert R Luypaert, PhD; Christo Chaskis, MD; Katrijn L. Van Rompaey, MD; Alex Michotte, MD; Michel J. Osteaux, MD, PhD High sensitivity (94%) and specificity (100%) have been reported in the diagnosis of acute cerebral infarction with diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. However, high signal […]

CT Angiography of Intracranial Aneurysms: A Focus on Postprocessing1

http://radiographics.rsna.org/content/24/3/637.full Bernd F. Tomandl, MD, Niels C. Köstner, Miriam Schempershofe, Walter J. Huk, MD, Christian Strauss, MD, Lars Anker, MD and Peter Hastreiter, PhD Computed tomographic (CT) angiography is a well-known tool for detection of intracranial aneurysms and the planning of therapeutic intervention. Despite a wealth of existing studies and an increase in image quality […]

Differential Diagnosis of Intracranial Cystic Lesions at Head US

http://radiographics.rsna.org/content/26/1/173.full Monica Epelman, MD, Alan Daneman, MD, Susan I. Blaser, MD, Clara Ortiz-Neira, MD2, Osnat Konen, MD3, José Jarrín, RDMS and Oscar M. Navarro, MD The differential diagnosis of intracranial cystic lesions at head ultrasonography (US) includes a broad spectrum of conditions: (a) normal variants, (b) developmental cystic lesions, (c) cysts due to perinatal injury, […]

Confirmation of Brain Death Using Brain Radionuclide Perfusion Imaging Technique

http://content.karger.com/ProdukteDB/produkte.asp?Doi=79525 S. Al-Shammria M. Al-Feelib Objective: To determine the reliability of radionuclide cerebral blood perfusion imaging in confirming brain death irrespective of continued heartbeat. Methods: Twenty-eight patients (19 male and 9 female, aged 17–63 years) with severe brain injury and fully supported until the final cardiac asystole were included in the study. Two sets of […]

Acute Cervical Spine Injuries: Prospective MR Imaging Assessment at a Level 1 Trauma Center

  Acute Cervical Spine Injuries: Prospective MR Imaging Assessment at a Level 1 Trauma Center http://radiology.rsna.org/content/213/1/203.full Richard W. Katzberg, MD, Philip F. Benedetti, MD 2, Christiana M. Drake, PhD, Marija Ivanovic, PhD, Richard A. Levine, PhD, Carol S. Beatty, MD, William R. Nemzek, MD, Russell A. McFall, MD, Francesca K. Ontell, MD, Dorene M. Bishop, […]

Acute traumatic spinal epidural hematoma: imaging and neurologic outcome

https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10140-004-0371-2  D. Lee Bennett, Michael J. George, Kenjirou Ohashi, Georges Y. El-Khoury, Joshua J. Lucas and Matthew C. Peterson ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to present MRI characteristics of traumatic spinal epidural hematomas (TSEHs) and to evaluate their effect on neurologic outcome. A retrospective analysis was performed of all 74 cases in which […]

Sonography of the Neonatal Spine: Part 2, Spinal Disorders

Neuraxis, Face, Neck and Spine   Sonography of the Neonatal Spine: Part 2, Spinal Disorders http://www.ajronline.org/cgi/content/full/188/3/739 Lisa H. Lowe1,2, Andrew J. Johanek1,3 and Charlotte W. Moore1,2 OBJECTIVE. The objective of part 2 of this article is to focus on key imaging features of common skin-covered spinal anomalies (spina bifida occulta) and to distinguish them from […]