Shannon werb

Shannon Werb

Shannon Werb serves as vRad’s President & Chief Operating Officer, responsible for leading the development and execution of vRad’s short and long term strategies and for overseeing vRad’s radiology practice operations, technology platforms, and data strategy.

Prior to being promoted to President, Werb served as vRad’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer.

Werb has 20+ years of healthcare information technology experience including expertise in clinical imaging and technical operations, enterprise imaging platform development, product innovation and strategy. This includes overseeing the company’s forecasting, physician services, and U.S.-based, 24×7 client support and operations center, and ensuring service delivery excellence to vRad’s radiologists, clients and the patient communities they collectively serve. 

Werb is a recognized healthcare IT authority, advisor and evangelist and was selected as a 2015 “Health IT Change Agent” for leading innovation in radiology by Health IT Outcomes.  He has extensive experience leading organizations and successfully developing enterprise solutions to deliver data to medical personnel faster and more cost effectively, resulting in improved clinical processes and an overall better patient experience.

Werb has authored numerous whitepapers and journal publications on subjects including vendor-neutral archiving, next generation PACS, cloud-based solutions, and enterprise content management. He has successfully guided organizations and industries through periods of tremendous disruption, most recently as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officer of Acuo Technologies which was successfully acquired by Lexmark’s Perceptive Software business unit in December 2012.

Shannon is an accomplished speaker and author, his successes have garnered recognition in numerous global awards, including: IHS Research – Independent VNA Market Leader (2012/2013); KLAS – VNA Market Leadership in the United Kingdom (2013); and Frost & Sullivan 2011 Product Leadership & 2012 Market Leadership Awards in Enterprise Imaging Informatics (2011/2012).