Peter Verhey, MD

Fellowship Oregon Health & Science University
ResidencyOregon Health & Science University
InternshipUniversity of Nevada School of Medicine
Medical SchoolUniversity of Nevada School of Medicine
Graduate SchoolUniversity of Nevada
UndergraduateUniversity of Minnesota
Board CertificationsAmerican Board of Radiology
Subspecialty AreasCardiothoracic

Dr. Peter Verhey is the epitome of dedication: to God, his family, his health – and the health of others.

Peter has never strayed too far from his ancestral home in Nevada – at least not permanently – only relocating to Oregon for his Residency and Fellowship. And he has a simple explanation: “there’s nowhere else I’d rather live and raise my family. The varied landscape – from the mountains and snow to Lake Tahoe and the open prairies – leaves nothing to be desired. I live and work in a veritable paradise.”

The varied terrain provides ample opportunity to spend quality time with his family. Whether fishing on Lake Tahoe or skiing the slopes, there’s fun to be had in any direction you look. And these same beautiful locations provide a backdrop for his CrossFit training and leisure time (if he has any).

But that isn’t to say he never leaves Nevada. Dr. Verhey is also passionate about traveling – with his family and for his faith. As much as he loves Nevada, “there’s always somewhere to go, something to do. Something you can’t experience anywhere else in the world”, he explains.

When Dr. Verhey is satisfied with his and his family’s health, his work is far from done – but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I chose radiology for many reasons. It’s challenging, it’s changing, it’s interesting – but most importantly, it’s meaningful. The decisions and diagnoses I make every day directly impact patient care, and ultimately patient health.” He continues, “Healthful people lead better lives. I never forget that that applies to not just my patients, but to myself. The healthier I am, the better I am – and the better I can serve my patients – and the brighter they can make the world around them.”

He pauses.

“Not to say I’m saving the world here. But I’m doing my part. And that’s meaningful.”

Peter extends that same healthful attitude to everything and everyone around him: his family; his faith; his work and colleagues; his support of the Alzheimer’s Association and Harmony Project; and his unyielding dedication to the patients we collectively serve.