edward callaway

Edward Callaway, MD

ResidencyBaylor College of Medicine
InternshipUniversity of Oklahoma College of Medicine-Tulsa
Medical SchoolUniversity of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
UndergraduateUniversity of Oklahoma
Board CertificationsAmerican Board of Radiology

Meet Dr. Callaway

Dr. Callaway grew up in Oklahoma, where he started as a radiologic technologist out of high school and attended the University of Oklahoma. And where his interest in science and photography ultimately led to his interest in medicine and radiology. He continued his medical school training at the University of Oklahoma until his residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas.

“I’ve been an amateur IT geek since the early days of PACS and speech recognition” Dr. Callaway explains. “Most recently, I’ve been fascinated by the complexity of interconnecting networks and tackling the problem of making them more functional. Not an easy task; but with vRad’s team of engineers and commitment to workflow improvement, I have the opportunity to explore what’s possible.”

Working from his home in Washington, Ed enjoys his collection of good wine, whisky and music. Although he enjoys musical theatre from time to time, most often you’ll find him on his back deck sipping wine and reading or locked in his music room writing and playing his own songs. But above all that, the one thing he couldn’t give up is his wonderful wife, Nancy. In his words “everything else is just stuff”.

Dr. Callaway says the accomplishment he’s most proud of—thus far—is working with a team to develop the first widely successful teleradiology service for the USAF and winning the AF Chief of Staff Team Excellence award in 2003. He wants to be remembered as someone who made a difference and luckily, he already has.