vRad’s Quality Assurance Committee

vRad’s QA Committee is comprised of practicing vRad radiologists who encompass a wide range of subspecialties and are selected because of their demonstrated high quality of interpretations.

Dr. Julie Shaffrey is the director of vRad’s Quality Assurance program. Dr. Shaffrey has many years of experience in the field of teleradiology. Prior to joining vRad in 2004, she was radiologist/partner, chief of nighttime teleradiology services, quality assurance committee member and an elected member of the ARA Board of Radiologists for American Radiology Services in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a member of the Radiological Society of North America and the American College of Radiology.


Radiologist Performance Evaluation = Performance reviews and accountability

Regular performance reviews for every radiologist are conducted tracking many key metrics including:

  • Discrepancy percentage and rank
  • Requests for removal (from facilities)
  • Reading speed
  • Major miss factor and rank
  • Focus group participation
  • Inappropriate case delays
  • Number of addenda (billing corrections)
  • Number of addenda requests (clinical)
  • Level 4 QA: severe misses
  • Number of complaints
  • Number of compliments
  • Overall ranking score

If performance reviews reveal significant concerns, Focused Professional Performance Evaluation (FPPE) begins.

Another very important tool for promoting a culture of professional pride and competition is the anonymous quarterly report where every radiologist can see where he or she stands within the practice. Click here to see an example.