January 11, 2019


Notice of Accidental Disclosure of Patient Information

On October 26, 2018, vRad learned that approximately 3,000 billing statements were mailed to the wrong address.  The misdirected mail was the result of two erroneous software updates in our billing company’s software. These issues affected patient billing, not hospital or radiology group invoices.

Our billing agent, MedData, provides billing services for Virtual Radiologic Professionals, LLC, the radiology practice that provided affected patients one or more radiology interpretations in 2017 or 2018. Affected patients had an open balance on their account as of approximately June 1, 2018. However, not all patients with an open balance were affected.

Regrettably, in some situations, the billing statement listed another individual as the responsible party (the guarantor) for medical charges. In that case, the statement went to the correct street address, but to the attention of the wrong person.  In other cases, the statement went to the incorrect street address, and the guarantor name may have been correct or incorrect. Either way, the recipient had access to a billing statement that did not concern the recipient.

The billing statement listed the patient’s name, account number, date(s) of service, radiology imaging service provided, and possibly the name of an insurance company and last 4 digits of the patient’s insurance policy number. The statements did NOT include date of birth, credit information, banking information, social security number, reason for exam, or diagnosis.

Upon learning of these errors, MedData immediately stopped sending billing statements, corrected the guarantor and address data, and corrected the software issues so that these incidents would not re-occur.

MedData’s investigation of the underlying causes of the incident and identification of most of the patients was completed in December 2018. Notices to affected patients were mailed by December 21, 2018. Because some patients’ demographic information was incorrect or has changed since the date of service, additional notices will be mailed as we learn correct information for notice.

Based on the nature of the information contained in the billing statement, there is a low probability of identity theft.

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We take our role of safeguarding your personal information very seriously. We sincerely apologize for any concern these incidents have caused. We will post any material updates.

vRad remains confident in MedData’s abilities and systems. We appreciate MedData’s diligence in researching the issues, identifying correct versus incorrect data, making corrections, and earnestly working to minimize confusion on the part of patients and recipients of the erroneous information.