Staffing challenge
A vRad client was asked by their referring physicians to recruit and hire a full-time CAQ Interventional Radiologist (IR), which would require a significant financial investment.


Information process
The client used RG2 Analytics and RPC Indices to review and benchmark their radiology modalities, including details on functional IR volumes and performance (any procedure done by an Interventionalist irrespective of modality type), all of which had been unavailable within their standard RIS reporting.
That’s information: seeing inside your data to make an informed decision.
Peer metrics drive fact based insight
Information from RG2 Analytics highlighted that the technical RVU yield in the client’s market for Interventional Radiology would not support the added cost of a CAQ Interventional Radiologist.
And our analysis found something else unexpected: as part of the modality analysis from RG2 Analytics, the hospital identified that their current mammography volume was only 50% of the RPC Index national average for their peer group. This was an unexpected outcome given their patient and market demographics: they have the female population base to support a much higher level of mammogram activity.
That’s actionable insight:

They had a market opportunity that did justify an increase in staffing – but with a different skill set than originally anticipated: their practice, the hospital and their served community would benefit more by engaging a generalist who could respond to the actual types of modalities and demand on their radiology resources.
The client was able to implement such sensitive decisions with their referring physicians using insight from RG2 Analytics and RPC Indices based on hard facts and not on hard opinions.