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vRad radiologists and technologists work together to advance AI

Why radiologists are essential to AI imaging

Early hype implied that artificial intelligence would replace radiologists. Turns out the opposite is closer to the truth. Without radiologists there is zero potential for the future of AI in diagnostic imaging. Radiologists are integral to model development, testing and validation. AI is helping improve care We are beyond theory and academic papers and are…

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Dr. Katie Lozano is a vRad teleradiologist.

Ironically, working from home I feel closer to my team than ever before

For me, the collegiality of the practice of radiology is a highlight of my daily work. When I first considered leaving a traditional practice for teleradiology, I was worried that working remotely would leave me feeling disconnected. In actuality, I’ve never felt more engaged in a supportive and interdependent team committed to delivering quality patient…

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First Read Initiative: Making imaging accessible to those in need

Over 4 billion people – two-thirds of the global population – do not have access to imaging technology or radiology services, according to RAD-AID. The lack of effective diagnostic tools has dire consequences for patients in unserved and underserved regions of the world. vRad teleradiologist Josh Sokol, MD wants to tackle this problem and improve…

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Beyond the hype: How practical AI is enhancing radiology

Moving past the initial media hype, practitioners are beginning to demonstrate how AI applications can enhance the ability of radiologists to support better patient outcomes. It’s a fact of life in our digital age that emerging technologies are often accompanied by overinflated expectations about their potential to transform the world. Consider drones. Early supporters predicted…

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Shedding light on the “Dark Side” of radiology

  Some radiologists perceive teleradiology as the “Dark Side” of our profession. I may have counted myself among those skeptics, but I now see the light and am happy to share a place among the converts.   We’re not so different Most of my career has been in traditional private practice, but there’s not a…

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Learn the 3 study types that may account for up to 80% of radiology claim denials

Claim denials drive up the cost of healthcare and divert resources from the primary goal of delivering quality patient care. When it comes to radiology services, the vast majority of claim denials can be attributed to insufficient documentation of medical necessity for three types of studies. Increased awareness of claims requirements among ordering clinicians, technologists…

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What everyone needs to know to ensure we all get paid

Claims management is essential to patient care. If a facility is not properly reimbursed for medical services rendered, patient care will ultimately be compromised. When it comes to radiology services, often those on the front lines of patient care – the technologists, those scheduling imaging services, clinicians, and even our radiologists – aren’t fully aware…

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So, what’s it like being a teleradiologist?

  One in a series from people sharing their experiences as vRad teleradiologists. In this entry, Jonathon Lee describes his typical workday as a vRad diagnostic radiologist.   I chose to step away from a full partnership position, so I could focus more on family. After a little over a year with vRad, I can’t…

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