Meet daytime imaging volume with teleradiology

Daytime Teleradiology

Struggling to meet daytime imaging volume? You’re not alone. Rising imaging volumes and the ongoing radiologist shortage are widening the gap between supply and demand for radiology services.  This has led to more vRad clients using our cloud teleradiology services during the daytime hours to meet their service commitments.

Time tested, successful cloud teleradiology model services

When you can’t hire locally and don’t want to use locums, cloud radiology from vRad is a great alternative for full or partial FTE coverage. We’ve been a leader in emergency nighttime teleradiology since 2001 serving over 2,000 facilities and radiology groups across the United States. Now, we’re offering a broader daytime bench of radiologists to meet this growing need.

Benefits of daytime cloud teleradiology

  • Smaller, more customized rosters
  • Referring physicians can feel better served by getting to know the radiologists who help take care of their patients
  • Enhanced operational support to meet your unique daytime needs.

Did you know vRad cloud radiology is now powered by our pioneering AI technology? …and delivering exciting results for our clients and their patients?

After years of preparation, we’re helping patients today with artificial intelligence on a very large scale with over 20,000 studies processed on the vRad Imaging Platform daily.  Over 6,500 studies pass through our AI models on a typical day to identify critical pathologies for escalation to our radiologists.

But we’re just getting started.

Visit our AI in Radiology page learn more and to:

  • Read the case study.
  • Download our new AI white paper.

Talk to a member of our team about how we can help you meet daytime imaging volume with teleradiology services.