Why I’ll never go back to a traditional radiology practice

  One in a series from people sharing their experiences as vRad teleradiologists. In this entry, Jonathon Lee, MD, recounts how, through his search for a more family-friendly vocation, he discovered a trove of professional rewards that have renewed his passion for radiology.   In search of a better work/life balance, I walked away from…

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I wanted more family time. How vRad helped me find it.

  One in a series from people sharing their experiences as vRad teleradiologists. In this entry, Jonathon Lee, MD, explains what he discovered after stepping away from a partnership position to set sail toward a better work/life balance.   As was my primary goal when I finished med school, I achieved partnership in a successful…

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Why vRad? Finding Work-Life Balance with Barbara Michele McCorvey, M.D.

  Everything changes when you start a family. OK – not everything – not all at once – but it certainly does bring change. Let’s explore the story of a radiologist who faced – and embraced – that change with vRad.   Introducing Dr. Barbara Michele McCorvey Dr. Barbara Michele McCorvey is a fellowship trained…

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Radiologist, Image Thyself

  Like you, I assumed from the start that a career in radiology would be a perfect fit. I thought I would always be happy with my choice of specialty and enjoy the anticipated rewards of being a physician. I didn’t consider how over time, the field would change, my personal life would change, or…

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5 Tips for More Effective Radiologist Recruiting and Hiring

Register today for the October 12 radiologist staffing strategies webinar

  As the Vice President of Human Resources at vRad, I have the distinct privilege to oversee the recruitment and retention of our 500+ physicians.  A strong focus for my team is keeping our physicians engaged and happy as they are our most important asset.  This can be a daunting undertaking given the demand for…

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Doctor examining MRI scans

Office Ergonomics for Teleradiologists

Working from Home in Comfort

Ergonomics is the study of people’s interaction with their environment and provides principles and theories for proper design of the workplace.  Ergonomics is a concept that has been around for quite some time, but it is often something that we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about as we go about our workday.  If…

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kids playing tug a war

Fitting in Fitness During the Work Day!

Quickness is Key

Everyone understands all the health benefits that come along with regular exercise, so why is it that we have such a hard time fitting it into our schedule?  With long work weeks, evening meetings and programs, families, cooking, cleaning, etc., it is no surprise that our time is limited and exercising gets pushed to the…

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virtual radiologists meeting

Managing Relationships to Ensure Quality Hires

Understand and Leverage Your HR Team

Does your radiology practice struggle with recruiting quality staff? Have you ever wondered what your recruiter or HR department was thinking when they sent you a resume? Having successfully recruited hundreds of candidates, I can tell you an effective and smooth hiring process happens through a collaborative team approach. The hiring manager needs to work…

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