Genitourinary Case 1

  Review the Findings Image 51 Hyperdense perinephric fluid Image 76 Fat density renal masses Review the Diagnosis Angiomyolipomas with hemorrhage

Genitourinary Case 10

  Review the Findings Left lower quadrant mass Absent left testicle and inguinal canal Review the Diagnosis Undescended testicle with seminoma

Genitourinary Case 4

  Review the Findings Ovarian vein filling defect Right ovarian cyst Free pelvic fluid Review the Diagnosis Ovarian vein thrombosis

Genitourinary Case 5

Review the Findings Hydronephrosis with collecting system density Horseshoe kidney anomaly Review the Diagnosis Horseshoe kidney with collecting system hemorrhage

Genitourinary Case 2

  Review the Findings Multicystic renal mass Renal vein filling defect Review the Diagnosis Renal cell carcinoma with venous invasion

Genitourinary Case 3

  Review the Findings Image 45 Retroperitoneal density Free intraperitoneal air Bilateral hydronephrosis Review the Diagnosis Retroperitoneal fibrosis

Genitourinary Case 8

  Review the Findings Massive bilateral hydroureter and hydronephrosis Collecting system density and perinephric fluid Review the Diagnosis Prune belly syndrome with renal laceration

Genitourinary Case 9

  Review the Findings Bilateral hydronephrosis Ureteral and bladder wall calcifications Ureteral and bladder wall calcifications8 Review the Diagnosis Schistosomiasis

Genitourinary Case 6

  Review the Findings Hyperdense pelvic and abdominal fluid and extravasation Right ovarian cystic lesion Image 65 Hyperdense pelvic and abdominal fluid and extravasation Image 68 Right ovarian cystic lesion Review the Diagnosis Adnexal ectopic with hemorrhage

Genitourinary Case 7

  Review the Findings Absent right kidney Enlarged left kidney One-limbed right adrenal gland Two distinct ureters Two distinct ureters Review the Diagnosis Crossed fused ectopia