Chest Case 10

    Review the Findings Mediastinal and rib masses Diffuse skeletal expansion Review the Diagnosis Thalassemia

Chest Case 4

    Review the Findings Bronchiectasis Fatty pancreas infiltration Review the Diagnosis Cystic fibrosis

Chest Case 6

    Review the Findings Mediastinal fluid Focal aortic extravasation Hepatic and splenic lacerations Review the Diagnosis Aortic laceration

Chest Case 5

    Review the Findings Mediastinal air Pleural effusions Mediastinal contrast material Review the Diagnosis Esophageal rupture

Chest Case 7

    Review the Findings Perihilar bronchovascular nodules Mediastinal adenopathy Splenic hypodensities Review the Diagnosis Sarcoidosis

Chest Case 8

      Review the Findings Mediastinal air Mediastinal air Pneumothorax Left lower lobe atelectasis Rib fractures Review the Diagnosis Bronchial rupture

Chest Case 1

    Review the Findings Diffuse interstitial nodules Mediastinal and hilar calcifications Review the Diagnosis Milliary Tuberculosis

Chest Case 2

    Review the Findings Diaphragmatic and pleural calcifications Diffuse pleural thickening Pleural effusion Diaphragmatic and pleural calcifications Rounded consolidation Review the Diagnosis Asbestosis, rounded atelectasis, and mesothelioma

Chest Case 3

      Review the Findings Parenchymal cysts Interstitial prominence Fat density renal and hepatic masses Review the Diagnosis Tuberous sclerosis

Chest Case 9

    Review the Findings Hilar calcifications Contrast density hilar lesion Right lung granuloma Review the Diagnosis Rasmussen aneurysm